woensdag 18 oktober 2017

Lelystad day 2

@Paul #666 : don't drag your foot

Later that day the battery or the solenoid of the framer died on me so I ended up on a loaner DMX bike.
Which was fun but I'll take a framer over a DMX any day !

All photos by Mark Meijering

dinsdag 17 oktober 2017

Noot ...

... this one's for you !

Renshaw's offroad K model.

Angel of Death

Cock teaser of Vinnie's 'Angel of Death' built by Pacoima Motorcycles (UK)
Soon in Dice Magazine

zaterdag 14 oktober 2017

donderdag 12 oktober 2017


Life is too short for traffic.

Rene's ironhead

is for sale !

dinsdag 10 oktober 2017


Solid training session at Lelystad


Bart & Paul





Swamp racing


Sometimes it all just clicks.
Usually that happens when you stop overthinking things and let your body take control. 
I never before felt so comfortable on the framer
All pictures by Mark Meijering